Stepping Up to the Wellness Warriors Challenge

Stepping Up to the Wellness Warriors Challenge

Are you STEPPING UP to the WW challenge?

“One small step for man, one giant leap for Wellness Warriors.” - is that what Neil Armstrong said? Just like his big moon boot touched down, our community is committing to putting one foot in front of the other for the whole month of July. We do all kinds of things in this community, and we are always ready to meet you where you are. Walking every day is accessible to most everybody, and you can tailor your goal to what feels right for you!

For some of us, tracking steps is something we’ve been doing for a while, and maybe this new July commitment in the community has got those veterans deciding to increase the number of steps or the frequency of hitting the target. For others, this may be the first time becoming aware of exactly how many steps you are taking each day.

Allow me to introduce myself and “walk you through” how we decided to make this a group challenge for July. I am Sarah D’Agostino, founder of A&E Yoga and a leader in the Wellness Warrior Community. While in our Daily Self Love room, I was proclaiming my desire to get inspired and excited about the way I moved my body every day. I was waking up early and getting in a jog, lifting weights, or doing yoga. All of this movement was feeling more like a maintenance program than something to get me curious and challenge me at the same time.

I started tracking some of my workouts on the Fitness app with my Apple Watch when I noticed the step counter. I assumed that was all of my activity, I was surely getting 10,000 steps a day. I am an active person — however, for quite a few days in a row, I would find out that I was doing only around 3000 steps. I decided I could do better.

I became aware of how often I was driving in the car or sitting and waiting for things… So I started to take advantage of every opportunity to take a stroll. I committed to 10,000 steps a day (personally and privately) and one of the biggest shifts was when I found myself taking walks after dinner for the first time in my life. My routine has usually been to eat a big dinner, pour myself a drink, and plop down on the couch —stuffed. Now, these after-dinner walks had me feeling very European… And I noticed all the benefits in digestion and overall feeling better. And I was reaching 10,000 steps!

Of course, when I got excited, I had to start rallying the troops! I reached immediately for some accountability to keep it going. And here we all are… Committing to July!

Excited to walk with you,


Join Our Community Effort

This July, as we embark on our Walking Warriors challenge, we exemplify the strength of our community. When we come together, our prayers, dreams, and desires manifest at a profound rate. Each step we take not only benefits our physical health but also strengthens our communal bonds, empowering us to achieve shared goals that once seemed out of reach.

Come join us. Once you add your name to the list, you’ll immediately receive an email to the address you used to sign up with the link to the app and a link to our private Wellness Warrior group. It’s all for FREE so we can continue to AMPLIFY collectively!


Let’s walk together towards a healthier, more connected future.

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I’d love to join!


So excited about walking with community!!!! Join us and walk with warriors to bring out the warrior within 🤎


So excited about walking with community!!!! Join us and walk with warriors to bring out the warrior within 🤎


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