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Wellness Warrior Collective

30 Day Self Love Consistency Challenge

30 Day Self Love Consistency Challenge

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Embrace the Lunar Cycle with Our

Daily Self-Love Consistency Challenge

March 11 - April 9


Join us as we celebrate our 3 year anniversary for our Daily Self Love Circle by taking the practice even deeper.

Dive into the transformative power of self-love under the guidance of the celestial bodies. Our Daily Self-Love Consistency Challenge, starting just after the rejuvenating New Worm Moon on March 10 and spanning beyond the blossoming New Flower Moon on April 8, is your gateway to a more fulfilled, balanced, and empowered self.

Why This Lunar Cycle? The New Worm Moon symbolizes awakening and renewal, a time when the earth softens and the first signs of spring emerge. It's a period of fresh starts and new beginnings, making it the perfect moment to embark on your journey of self-discovery and love.

As we journey together towards the New Flower Moon, a symbol of growth, beauty, and fertility, you'll witness the blooming of your own transformation, nurtured by daily acts of self-care and reflection.


What's Included for $24.99?

  • The "60 Days of Self Love Journal": Our beautifully crafted paperback journal designed to guide you through daily Self Love ritual, and accountability for the Pillars of Wellness and our Collective reading. 
  • Exclusive Access to Our Private Accountability Group: A supportive community space where you can share your journey, receive encouragement, and connect with like-minded individuals committed to the path of wellness.
  • Daily Wisdom from Wellness Warrior Leaders: Receive insightful guidance, tips, and inspiration from seasoned leaders from our Wellness Warrior Collective and Daily Self Love Practice which is designed to enlighten and support your daily practice.


Your Journey Awaits

Over these 30 days, enveloped by the lunar energy, we'll embark on a deeply personal journey. Each day brings a new opportunity for reflection, growth, and self-love, deeper exploration guided by the wisdom of the Wellness Warrior leaders and the collective strength of your accountability group.


Embrace Your Transformation

As the moon waxes and wanes, so too will your journey of self-discovery. By the end of this challenge, you'll have nurtured a consistent practice of self-love, and have a tangible record of your journey and the growth you've achieved.


Are You Ready?

Join us as we align with the lunar energies to foster renewal, growth, and transformation. The Daily Self-Love Consistency Challenge is more than a practice; it's a celebration of your commitment to wellness and the flourishing of your inner beauty.

Secure Your Spot Now Spaces are limited for this intimate journey. Reserve your place in the Daily Self-Love Consistency Challenge today and take the first step towards a more loving, empowered you.





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