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At our Collective Book Club, we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. Each week, we dive into a few assigned chapters of a carefully selected book, exploring profound insights and actionable wisdom. Our lively discussions take place every Thursday at 8 PM EST, conducted via an audio-only app, allowing for a deep and immersive exchange of ideas.

Whether you're reading along or joining us for the discussions, our book club offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights through the diverse perspectives of fellow Warriors. Think of it as an amplified version of cliff notes, enriched by the collective wisdom of our community.

If you're interested in joining our master list to receive invitations to each subsequent book, simply visit and sign up. To check out the details of our current book selection and join us on our journey, head over to Join us as we unlock the power of collective reading and embark on a path of growth and transformation together.

  • Lindsaya VanDeusen

    Wife, Mother, + Wellness Warrior who is inspired to help fellow humans Amplify the Wellness Warrior Within. Click to learn more.

  • Ezra Bates

    Proud father, grand-father, and Wellness Warrior Leader who guides men on their journey to unlock their inner Wellness Warrior Shamelessly.

  • Sarah D'Agostino

    Wife, Mother, Founder of A&E Yoga, + Wellness Warrior Leader. Located in Michigan, you can catch a live yoga session weekly, Tuesday's at 6:00 AM EST, Click to learn more.

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