Unleash Your Wellness Warrior Within: Explore the Vibrant Schedule of the Wellness Warrior Collective House

Unleash Your Wellness Warrior Within: Explore the Vibrant Schedule of the Wellness Warrior Collective House

Welcome to the Wellness Warrior Collective House, where the power of wellness is amplified through conscious conversations and a supportive community. In this blog post, we invite you to explore our vibrant schedule, designed to expand awareness, foster personal growth, and connect like-minded individuals on their wellness journeys. Join our community and unlock the potential of your inner Wellness Warrior.

  1. Daily Self-Love ⭕️ Circle -  Proud | Grateful | Desire | Love (Monday - Friday 7:50 AM EST)

Start each day with a powerful dose of self-love through our Daily Self-Love Sessions. Join us every Monday to Friday at 7:50 AM EST as we cultivate feelings of pride, gratitude, desire, and love within ourselves. Led by our experienced facilitators, these sessions empower you to embrace your inherent worthiness and set a positive tone for the day ahead.

  1. Book Club - Collective Exploration and Discussion (Thursdays at 8 PM EST)

Immerse yourself in the world of inspiring literature through our engaging Book Club. Join us every Thursday at 8 PM EST as we delve into thought-provoking books that nourish the mind and expand perspectives. Together, we explore new ideas, share insights, and deepen our understanding of personal growth and well-being.

  1. Shameless Conversations -  Supporting Addiction Recovery (Saturdays at 8 AM EST)

Join our supportive community every Saturday at 8 AM EST for Shameless Conversations, a space dedicated to open and compassionate discussions surrounding addiction and recovery. These conversations aim to break stigmas, foster understanding, and provide a platform for sharing experiences, insights, and support on the path to healing.

  1. Empowering Pop-Up Sessions: Rotating Topics for Wellness Warriors 

Empower your inner Wellness Warrior through our dynamic Pop-Up Sessions. We explore a variety of rotating topics led by inspiring leaders. From mindfulness and self-care practices to holistic nutrition, fitness finances, parenting and more. These sessions provide valuable tools and knowledge to support your wellness journey.

Get Involved //

If you have valuable insights or offerings in the wellness space, we welcome you to share your expertise and contribute to our community. Have something you want to share - contact us and let's explore, the possibilities are endless! Together, we can create a ripple effect of well-being that extends far and wide.

Connect with Us //

Connect with our Wellness Warrior Collective House community: 📧

Email // Hello@WellnessWarriorCollective.com 💻

IG // @WellnessWarriorCollective_

Join our vibrant community of wellness enthusiasts: 💻 Community: WellnessWarriorCommunity.com

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