Daily Self-Love Circle: A Circle for Reflection, Growth, and Wellness!

Daily Self-Love Circle: A Circle for Reflection, Growth, and Wellness!

Schedule: Weekdays – 7:50 AM EST

Welcome to our global community at the Wellness Warrior Collective House on Clubhouse. We invite you to join our unique Self-Love Daily Circle, where we unite voices from around the world in a powerful ritual of self-expression, gratitude, desire, and love. Listen in to this episode of the podcast regarding our Daily Self Love Circle

Set your intention for each day by harnessing the principles of clarity, confidence, and conviction in our transformative round-robin sharing circle. We believe in the power of brevity - concise and impactful words that reach our Higher Source, echoing our deepest feelings and aspirations with authenticity.

Here's the structure of our daily gathering:

  • Two moderators initiate the circle.
  • A turn-based sharing occurs between two moderators and one participant.
  • Each speaker has up to 2 minutes to respond to the daily prompts // Proud | Grateful | Desire | Love 

    The unique intention of our prompts is to make them focused on Self. We invite everyone who joins the practice by 8:20 AM EST to join the stage and speak for up to 2 minutes highlighting one thing they're proud of themselves for, one reason they are grateful for themselves, one desire they're affirming as truth, and one trait they love about themselves.

    You'll notice we launch in to our Desires beginning with WHY. This concept was discussed by Vishen of Mindvalley regarding manifestation and speaking our desires as if they are already true. The full embodiment and owning of the desire and knowing it is ours. Listen to the podcast between Vishen and Jay Shetty here, and let us know what you think in the comments!

      We strive to foster a supportive environment that helps participants reframe self-limiting language into empowering narratives. By reinterpreting words like “sorry,” “should,” “have,” “got,” “can’t,” and “try/trying,” we encourage more positive and affirming language. This is further discussed in this episode where we discuss the Love Language for Warriors

      Our approach embodies the Wellness Warrior Way. We act as reflective mirrors for each other, "sprinkling" extra love when we feel called to amplify the share of someone on stage or who has shared in the chat. 

      Discover more about our philosophy by tuning into the podcast episode on the topic of language, where we delve deeper into our unique self-love language. 

      Join the Global PGDL (Proud, Grateful, Desire, Love) movement today! Connect with our global community on Clubhouse, and together, let's greet each day with intention, self-love, and positivity!

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      This room blew me away. I’ve never been in a room,a space ever in my life this been this positive.

      Felicia Thomas

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