Wellness Warrior Collective Schedule: AMPLIFY Your Journey

Wellness Warrior Collective Schedule: AMPLIFY Your Journey

Welcome to the Wellness Warrior Collective, where conscious conversations ignite and amplify the power of wellness. We believe that everyone deserves to feel well and supported on their journey of personal growth. Join us in embracing the path of the Wellness Warrior, and explore our diverse schedule of events designed to enrich your mind, body, and soul.

Embrace a Diverse Schedule of Conscious Conversations + Community Experiences

Daily Self-Love ⭕️ - Join us Monday to Friday at 7:50 AM EST for a refreshing dose of self-love practices. Explore concepts of pride, gratitude, desire, and love to enhance your relationship with yourself // JOIN US


Yoga on Zoom with a&e Yoga - Tuesday mornings at 6 AM EST hosted by Sarah D'Agostino, founder of a&e Yoga // Login information is HERE


Wellness Warrior Wednesday Lunch + Learn - Wednesday's at 12 PM EST we rotate topics to AMPLIFY our wellness // JOIN US


Book Club - Every Thursday at 8 PM EST, dive into collective explorations and discussions as we read and analyze books centered around wellness, personal development, and growth // JOIN US

Shameless: Join the Conversation on Addiction and Recovery - Saturdays at 8 AM, engage in open dialogues about addiction, recovery, and supporting each other on the path to healing // JOIN US

Soulful Sunday Session - On the last Sunday of every month at 8PM, experience our monthly conscious conversation sessions, where we delve deep into topics that nourish the soul and elevate our consciousness // JOIN US

3 Day Cleanse: Preparing for the Full Moon (monthly) - Participate in our transformative 3 Day Cleanse leading up to each full moon. Purify your mind and body, aligning yourself with the lunar energy // JOIN THE NEXT ROUND

10 Day Wellness Warrior Within Virtual Bootcamp (quarterly) - Embark on a life-changing journey with our 10-day virtual bootcamp, designed to help you discover your inner strength and unleash the Wellness Warrior within // CHECK IT OUT

Live Events, Podcast, Workshops, and Retreats - Immerse yourself in our live events, tune into our inspiring podcast, engage in empowering workshops, and experience transformative retreats to deepen your connection with the community and yourself // REGISTER HERE


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Embrace the Power of Wellness Together

In the Wellness Warrior Collective, we are committed to empowering individuals on their journey towards wellness and personal growth. By participating in our events and discussions, you become part of a compassionate and growth-oriented community, supporting one another in uplifting spirits. We call ourselves a Flock - welcome - Together, let's amplify the Wellness Warrior within ourselves and make a positive impact on the world.

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I love that I get to connect with community like this!

Tillman Givens III

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