Wellness Warrior Book Club - Next Up: The Mountain is You

Wellness Warrior Book Club - Next Up: The Mountain is You

Welcome to the Wellness Warrior Book Club, where like-minded individuals come together to explore riveting tales of self-improvement, growth, and wellness. Starting August 17th, we'll embark on a 6-week journey through the pages of 'The Mountain is You: Transforming Self-Sabotage into Self-Mastery' by Brianna Wiest.

A Pathway to Self-Mastery

Our next Collective book will be the 'The Mountain is You' which is a profound exploration of self-discovery and self-mastery. Penned by the esteemed Brianna Wiest, this book dives into self-sabotage, a widely unacknowledged and incredibly impactful element in our lives. The book's premise centers around the powerful idea that the biggest obstacle to your well-being is often none other than you.

Through this captivating read, Wiest offers insights into self-sabotage mechanisms, guiding readers on a transformative journey to convert these self-defeating habits into stepping stones toward self-mastery. This book is packed with thought-provoking anecdotes and practical wisdom that provides a roadmap to inner strength and a happier, healthier you.


Sign-Up for the Next Round

Join the list and always be the first to know when we pick our next book and many other advantages. Click on the image below or visit http://collectivebookclub.com


Grab Your Copy of the Book

Snag your copy HERE. Each week we cover a different segment of the book. You can locate the schedule by visiting http://bookclubschedule.com

#CollectiveBookClub // Your Hub for Intellectual Exploration

Every Thursday at 8 PM, join us on Clubhouse as we dissect, discuss, and unpack the themes and ideas brought forward in 'The Mountain is You.' Our gatherings are more than just a book club - we are a supportive community of Wellness Warriors ready to delve into intellectual and spiritual exploration together to AMPLIFY the Wellness Warrior Within.

Our weekly discussions will probe its central themes to support us in applingy the teachings to our lives. By sharing insights and experiences, we can build a deeper understanding of our internal landscapes and how to surmount the obstacles we set for ourselves.

We welcome everyone to join us on this enlightening 6-week journey beginning on August 10th. Whether you're a longtime Wellness Warrior, a newbie to the wellness world, or simply an enthusiastic reader, we can't wait to embark on this journey with you.

In the our Book Club, we firmly believe in the power of shared learning. As we venture into the world crafted by Brianna Wiest, we anticipate a deeper comprehension of the book and invaluable lessons in self-growth, resilience, and wellness.

Let's grow together as we conquer the mountain within us!

Would you like a weekly reminder to join our conversations? 📱Text "Book Club" to 734-221-3484 to register and gear up for a transformative journey with 'The Mountain is You.'


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