Soulful Sunday Session: A Deep Dive into Fatherhood

Soulful Sunday Session: A Deep Dive into Fatherhood

Wellness Warriors on a New Journey

Greetings, Wellness Warriors!! Join us Sunday, June 24th at 8 PM EST in the Wellness Warrior Collective house on Clubhouse, where our community's heart and soul combine to foster conscious conversations. Our monthly Soulful Sunday Session serves as a safe haven where we can grow together as a community. This month, our focus – Fatherhood.

Unraveling Fatherhood

Fatherhood is an expedition that alters life as we know it. It's a chapter filled with endless love, sacrifice, resilience, and vulnerability. This month, our Soulful Sunday Session aims to delve deeper into this intricate and fascinating journey.

Our Focus: Why Fatherhood?

Why have we chosen to focus on fatherhood? Because every father carries a story that is often left untold. These are stories of love, resilience, wisdom, and sacrifice. It's these heartfelt experiences we seek to unravel, creating an open dialogue that benefits us all.

Fatherhood Edition: The Soulful Sunday Session

Our Fatherhood Edition of the Soulful Sunday Session is a safe platform for all fathers to share their narratives. It's a space for exploration, understanding, and sharing the life-changing journey that is fatherhood.

Inviting You: Your Narrative Makes a Difference

Whether you are a father, you are invited to share your narrative. If you're not a father, we encourage you to join us, learn, and absorb wisdom from these experiences. Each question, each shared story enriches our collective knowledge and empathy.

A Shared Goal: Building an Understanding Community

Through these engaging conversations, we aim to build a community that's more understanding and supportive. We believe in the power of shared experiences and narratives, fostering healthier relationships, and paving the way for a more understanding society.

The Final Note: Join Our Journey

Our Fatherhood Edition of the Soulful Sunday session isn't just another discussion—it's a journey of understanding and appreciation. We invite you to join us on this meaningful expedition. Together, we can foster a more understanding, supportive, and caring community.


Meet our conversation guides //

Ezra Bates of Quantum Life Recovery + Host of our Shameless SaturdaysEzra Bates Quantum Life Recovery


Tillman Givens of Phenomenal FatherhoodTillman Givens Fatherhood Host


Sterling Thompson Sterling Thompson


We hope to hear you there!

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  1. What is the Wellness Warrior Collective? The Wellness Warrior Collective is a community committed to creating conscious conversations, events, and a podcast to help us all amplify the wellness warrior within.

  2. What does a Soulful Sunday Session involve? The Soulful Sunday Sessions are monthly events on Clubhouse hosted by the Wellness Warrior Collective, where we focus on various insightful themes.

  3. Why have you chosen to focus on Fatherhood for this session? Fatherhood, though integral to our society, often remains in the shadows. Our session aims to bring these experiences to the forefront and initiate meaningful conversations.

  4. How can I participate in these sessions? Joining the Wellness Warrior Collective House on Clubhouse will allow you to participate in our Soulful Sunday sessions.

  5. I'm not a father. Can I still be part of the session? Absolutely! Whether you're a father or not, we invite you to join, learn, and share. The goal is to foster an understanding of different perspectives.

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