Shameless Saturday: Embracing Sobriety and the Power of Self-Discovery

Shameless Saturday: Embracing Sobriety and the Power of Self-Discovery

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Shameless Saturday // 8 AM EST every Saturday 

In a world where shame and addiction often go hand in hand, a remarkable recovery community has emerged. "Shameless" is a revolutionary movement that encourages individuals to break free from the chains of addiction and live a life filled with love, acceptance, and self-discovery. This blog explores the origins of Shameless, the beauty witnessed within its virtual and in-person events, and the inspiring journey of its creator, Ezra, who guides others towards unlocking their inner Wellness Warrior.


The Birth of Shameless //

Shameless was born out of a deep desire for a community that not only embraced sobriety but also nurtured personal growth and self-acceptance. Ezra, a Recovery Coach and Self-Love Practitioner, envisioned a space where individuals could come together, free from shame, to share their experiences, find support, and embark on a transformative journey towards wellness.


Join Us on Clubhouse //

One of the key platforms where Shameless thrives is Clubhouse, an audio-based social networking app. Here, Shameless Saturdays, a room moderated by Ezra, has become a sanctuary for individuals seeking sobriety and self-discovery. Through open conversations and storytelling, Ezra creates a safe space for vulnerability, sharing, and learning. Shameless Saturdays has emerged as a virtual haven where individuals from all walks of life gather to heal and grow together.


Join the House //

Men's and Women's Circles //

In addition to the virtual realm, Shameless extends its reach to in-person events, including men's and women's circles. These intimate gatherings provide an opportunity for individuals to dive deeper into their recovery journeys, focusing on specific gender-related challenges and experiences. The circles facilitate love, acceptance, and a sense of belonging, enabling attendees to explore their emotions, seek guidance, and build lasting connections.

The Host, Ezra //

At the heart of Shameless stands Ezra, a compassionate leader, and catalyst for change. Having battled his own addiction demons and embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery, Ezra brings a wealth of empathy and understanding to his role as a Recovery Coach and Self-Love Practitioner. He leads by example, empowering others to find their inner Wellness Warrior and guiding them towards a life free from shame and addiction.


Amplifying the Wellness Warrior Within //

Shameless encourages individuals to tap into their inner Wellness Warrior—a powerful force that lies within all of us. By fostering self-love, acceptance, and personal growth, Shameless empowers its members to embrace sobriety and live a life aligned with their truest selves. Through various practices, such as meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection, participants discover their own unique path towards wellness.


The Beauty of Shameless //

Shameless is more than a recovery community—it is a transformative movement that fosters love, acceptance, and growth. Witnessing the bonds formed, the healing that takes place, and the resilience demonstrated within this community is truly inspiring. Shameless has become a beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking a life free from shame and addiction. Through the vision and leadership of Ezra, this remarkable movement has brought together individuals from all walks of life, providing them with a safe space to heal, grow, and unlock their inner Wellness Warrior. As Shameless continues to expand its reach, it carries the potential to transform countless lives and reshape our understanding of recovery, self-love, and acceptance.

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Love this space and the people who come in to share. Mods are excellent

Ginny Percoskie

Ezra and Lindsaya….beautifully done. You were inclusive and articulate. So excited for you both ❤️

Jacqueline Ann Tiscornia

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