Embrace Self-Discovery with 'The Mastery of Self' in Our Wellness Book Club

Embrace Self-Discovery with 'The Mastery of Self' in Our Wellness Book Club

Welcome Wellness Warrior's! Here we embrace the journey of self-love and discover ourselves more deeply in our Collective Book Club one page at a time. Reading is a pillar in our community and we are thrilled to call in community, where we do more than read books; we immerse ourselves in them. It's here, within the folds of compelling narratives and transformative wisdom, that we find common ground, share profound insights, and elevate our collective frequencies. This month, we're delving into the pages of "The Mastery of Self" by the esteemed Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., a spiritual guide whose teachings offer a lantern on the path to inner clarity and self-mastery.

This round many of our leaders contributed a book. We then asked YOU to vote and this book was the community winner. We wanted Shay, one of our incredible leaders, who was the one who chose the book to share with you all as we are nearly 1/2 through this Collective read. 

Shay Shares //

As a proud Wellness Warrior, I’m honored to be a leader in the book club. I’ve truly experienced the power of reading with community, which in return has elevated my frequency in so many ways. We’ve had the privilege of exploring powerful and impactful books alongside an author and one another. The community represents the concept of going inward and the conversations that occur during Book club meetings have amplified that concept. Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is a spiritual teacher and a bestselling author of many books centered around personal development.

We recently started “The Mastery of Self” by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and within the first few pages we get to dive into the awareness around experiencing life and each moment. He offers perspective and guidance into self-discovery by way of positioning an outlook for individuals seeking to understand their own beliefs, navigate the complexities of human conditioning, and ultimately achieving mastery over their own lives. He’s gifted an invitation to the readers that will forever be appreciated.

Within the first few chapters, he shares challenging yet thought provoking questions that invite the readers on a journey inward. We may at times find ourselves in a place that doesn’t feel happy and/or peaceful, and Miguel reminds us that we get to choose and create our own reality. “The Mastery of Self” is a profound exploration of personal development, offering transformative insights into the journey of self-discovery. Through practical wisdom and spiritual principles, Ruiz illuminates a path toward self-awareness, empowering readers to adopt positive change, authentic growth, and a deeper connection with their true selves. This book stands as a valuable resource for those aspiring to unlock their full potential and navigate the beauty of self-mastery.

There are several books, various conversations, all in one community. We want you to know that there’s a special invitation waiting just for you. We’re currently and actively in the pages of Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. “The Mastery of Self” and would love for you to join us as we come together every week.  May we all find the one step toward the light that lives inside. If you or someone you know are interested in joining powerful conversations in community, we invite you to join us and perhaps bring a friend.

"The Mastery of Self" is another feather in the cap of our Collective Book Club. The discussions we've shared and the insights we've gleaned are mere stepping stones to greater understanding and personal growth. If this exploration of self-mastery resonates with you, we invite you to become an active participant in this journey of enlightenment. Join our book club, Thursday's at 8 PM EST, and let's continue this conversation together.

The connection doesn't stop there. For daily doses of inspiration and wisdom, follow Shay on Instagram and tune into her enlightening podcast for weekly insights that complement our book club discussions. And if you're craving real-time engagement, connect with Shay and our vibrant community throughout the week in our Clubhouse live sessions. Together, let's embrace the transformative power of reading and discussion, and step into the light of self-discovery that awaits us all.

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